Debbie Nesi – Team Leader

“Career Fair? Seriously? You want me to go with you to a career fair? Why would I want to do that, I just got a new job!” This was the conversation between Debbie and her girlfriend only a few short months ago. Little did she know that it would literally change her life.

She went to the career fair, and in Deb’s own words: “Enter Aaron Schafer and his infectious smile and attitude. I’m not exactly sure how he made selling Cancer Insurance seem fun, but he did. I immediately wanted to work with him. The opportunity to be my own boss and make my own schedule was also a plus, as I have two boys that can’t quite seem to function without Mom.

“So, I went from selling BMWs to selling Cancer Insurance. Sexy? NOPE. Fun? YEP! I love my job. I love the people I meet everyday. I have made lifelong friends not only with the amazing people I work with, but also my clients. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

“Thank you, anonymous girlfriend, for changing my life and helping me make a difference in other people’s lives too.”

Fun fact: Debbie loves everything about winter except the cold!