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With so many providers out there today you might ask, “What makes Foundation Business Group so different?”  We are glad you asked.

Our Team

As a business owner, who you bring in to speak to your employees reflects back on you.  Foundation Business Group takes making you look good extremely seriously!  Our agents are known throughout their communities for our low pressure, knowledgable, and customer focused approach.

Customer Service

At Foundation Business Group we also know that this impression only begins at the point of sale. Then the real work begins. If one of your employees unfortunately get a heart breaking diagnosis, is in a major accident, or ends up in the ICU for an extended period of time; that is when business owners are even more thankful they went with Foundation Business Group. Our customer service has been recognized year after year and our local agents are just a cell phone call away. We fully understand that when the worst happens, the last thing your family needs to worry about is the insurance side of things. We walk you through it every step of the way.

Return of Premium

Nobody wants more insurance. Every month you watch it come out of your checking account knowing it is probably smart to have but also frustrated knowing that it is just money down the drain if you never need the coverage. Not anymore. By not spending a dime on national advertising and marketing we are able to offer a full Return of Premium feature with every product we sell. Insurance if you need it. Money back if you don’t. That is what employees like to hear! We will frequently see 2-3 times the sign up rates at companies that have tried other supplemental carriers in the past due to people no longer feeling like it is just another expense. The biggest thing we hear from so many employees is, “I wish I had heard about you before!”


Many supplemental providers require a minimum enrollment and your price drops as your enrollment numbers increase. At Foundation Business Group you get the same low group rate regardless of whether you have 1 person sign up or 100. Along with that we typically work directly with employees and don’t need to go through payroll unless your business specifically wants to set it up that way. We want to make life as easy for you as possible. Offering your employees the best has never been easier.

But don’t take our word for it…

“My parents and I sat down with Aaron for a very straight-forward, simple, no pressure presentation that included his own family’s story of how cancer had significantly affected his life, and actually prompted him to get into this business. After the presentation, my always skeptical father said, “Well..this is a no-brainer. You need to sign up for that.””
-Rebecca Klinger, Owner of My Movement Coach

“Aaron is an honest, trustworthy professional who cares for each and every client.”
-Bryon Ball

“We LOVE working with Aaron and his team. Having him come over and talk with our employees at the tail end of a staff meeting was so easy. To be able to offer this to your employees but no fuss for you or your HR department AND making your staff feel good and that you care is a win win.”
-Missey Trudell, Owner of Paper Image

“When my twins were born 3 months prematurely Family Heritage direct deposited over $70,000 from our claim into our bank account. The money was a Godsend to us, and I feel so peaceful knowing that if any major sickness or accident happens to us in the future, we’ll never have to worry about it from a financial standpoint. This company does an incredibly good thing for their clients!”
-Missy Hovencamp

“My husband and I recently had the opportunity to work with Aaron and his team. My husband, Jack, was particularly impressed by FBG’s soft-sell approach. As a former (and current) business owner and employee benefits consultant, he has warded off many a “hard-sell” from payroll deduct benefit salespeople. We were so impressed that we are considering making FBG’s products the first employer-paid benefit at Jack’s law firm.”
-Becky Weyers

“What an amazing company! They make talking about something nobody likes to talk about very easy and painless. Aaron does an amazing job explaining how everything works with you and makes it quick and painless. I would recommend them to anyone.”
-Korey Hatter, Owner 42 North Construction

“Aaron took the time to come into our office to make a brief presentation to the team about supplemental benefits. I especially appreciate that he kept it brief and informational with no hard pressure to buy anything. The team also appreciated the donuts. Definitely NOT your average hard sell insurance presentation.”
-Kyle Shumaker, Owner of Shumaker Technology Group


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